De Beers Diamond Jewellers to Launch Bridal App

De Beers Diamond Jewellers will launch a new bridal app for the iPad and iPhone in April. The app, which will be available in five different languages, will aim to help consumers discover engagement jewelry, wedding bands and complimentary wedding day jewelry.

De Beers Bridal AppThe app will feature videos that give consumers expert advice on how to chose the best ring, information on the design and craftsmanship of De Beers jewelry, and the ability to locate the nearest De Beers Diamond Jewellers store to arrange an appointment.

”It is a truly immersive experience that brings our engagement rings and bridal jewelry to light – with beautiful images and bespoke content from diamond jewelry experts,” said Francois Delage, the chief executive of De Beers Diamond Jewellers. “We see it as the definitive diamond wedding jewelry information resource, expressing our role as the diamond mentor for consumers.”

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