Dalumi Introduces ‘The Golden Diamonds Collection’

Natural yellow diamonds, which have captured the imagination of diamond lovers the world over, maintain their popularity among glamorous and powerful women from different walks of life. For every 10,000 “regular” white diamonds mined, only one naturally colored diamond is found. This rarity is what makes fancy yellow diamonds so special, and makes their wearer stand out and exude individuality.

Dalumi, a company which is no less unique, has developed a specialization in natural yellow diamonds during the past 20 years. A recent consumer study undertaken by the Dalumi Group reveals very favorable consumer attitudes towards yellow diamonds. The study also shows that shoppers consider yellow diamonds to be ”extremely different” and ”sought-after items,” as well as more expensive than white diamonds.

To further enhance its specialty in yellow diamonds, Dalumi Group has created The Golden Diamonds Collection – an exquisite brand that includes both loose diamonds and one of a kind marvelous diamond pieces. The collection consists of exquisitely designed 18-karat white and yellow gold rings and pendants featuring 1-carat and up diamonds. The yellow diamonds used are specially chosen to accentuate the owner’s individuality, and features fancy shapes including radiant, cushion, oval, pear shape and heart. Expertly selected, these cuts make ideal pairings with side-stones. Each piece is tailor-made based on the unique features of the selected centre diamond. Just like no two customers are similar, no two items in the Golden Collection are alike, making each one-of-a-kind piece the proud possession of discerning clients.

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