Dallas Man Wins Lazare Diamond Carlotta Ring

Lazare Kaplan International Inc. awarded John Sarver from Dallas, Texas, a pre-Christmas holiday ring giveaway based upon his heartfelt and unique contest submission, which details his ideal engagement proposal. Sarver was presented with an ideal cut, laser-inscribed Lazare Diamond Carlotta Ring by Marcee Feinberg, the vice president of Lazare Kaplan, at Bachendorf’s in The Plaza at Preston Center, Dallas. The contest accumulated more than 133,000 votes from the public, with Sarver receiving the majority.

The contest fielded submissions from across the U.S. and a panel of judges narrowed entries to three finalists based upon their stories. From there, friends, family and the general public were invited to vote for the grand prize winner on contest.lazarediamonds.com or The Lazare Diamond Facebook page.

Feinberg, pictured giving The Lazare Diamond ring to Sarver, specifically traveled to Dallas to congratulate him on his winning submission. She said, ”It was a very close race and we are excited to award Lazare Diamonds’ popular Carlotta Ring to the winner the public has chosen.”

Sarver said, ”It was a great honor to be part of this experience, and appreciate the public’s votes and participation. I’m thrilled to be associated with a company as respected and generous as Lazare Diamonds.”

The other two finalists, Tiffany Dover from Arkansas, and Allison Maliniak from Virginia, received second place prizes.

The winning submission Sarver wrote was as follows: “It would be this November. Jessica and I regularly go on walks in the evenings in a neighborhood near campus and near our houses. We would walk as we normally did, until we came across a cute perfect first home. Unknown to her, I’ve bought it for her.

”We would walk inside the house, which would be lit by white Christmas lights and candles. Each room would be decorated to represent different stages and a timeline of our relationship, furnished with pictures and memorabilia I’ve saved (tickets, notes, etc.). In the last room of the house, I would explain the progression of our relationship and say that I’m ready to marry her and where I want to take us in life, and ask her to marry me.

”Lastly, we’d walk to the back yard where her family would be and our closest friends ready to celebrate the engagement. Winning the Lazare Diamond would free me up to buy the house for her.”

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