Cushion Cut Diamonds

The Cushion Cut Diamonds has a uniquely different style of cut to all of the other standard style cut diamonds. The modern cushion cut diamond, although still quite brilliant in sparkle has quite a soft appearance and is often referred to as the pillow cut diamond. It’s style is based around the round brilliant cut diamond with a square shape and rounded corners. The original cut was created by mines who used their own basic skills to create a polished diamond without having to get it cut by an expert manufacturer. With the help of modern cutting techniques this old style cut has now been expertly re-created to produce a magnificent gem which has such an enormous resurgence in popularity in the past decade. Once of the best aspects about the cut of diamond is the inexpensive price, the heavy depth of the cushion cut diamond and high return weight from the rough stone makes it one the the cheapest cuts available. To truly appreciate the mastery of this diamond cut it is best represented in diamonds from 1ct and over.