CIBJO’s Diamond Commission Publishes Special Report

CIBJO’s diamond commission issued its special report, ahead of the 2012 CIBJO congress that will take place next month in Vicenza, Italy. The diamond commission’s president, Udi Sheintal, began his report as follows:

CIBJO logo“No news is good news. During the past years, we’ve learned that in the case of discussions about diamond nomenclature – in CIBJO circles and beyond – that expression certainly rings true.

”Currently, while our colleagues in the colored stone and pearl sectors continue to have many controversial and, therefore, pressing issues concerning nomenclature on their plate, in our sector the heat of discussions has been lowered to a moderate temperature. This has allowed the members of the diamond commission steering committee and the diamond commission to concentrate on the fine-tuning of the wording of the ‘Diamond Book’ and, also, to open the floor for discussion on other topics that have moved into the diamond sector’s field of vision.”

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