Christine Goregues

Hi Adrian,

Yes, I am happy with .015ct all around. I trust that you and your team will design the best setting possible for my beautiful stone. Thank you, this has been a wonderful stress free experience for us and we shall be recommending you to our friends when they get engaged.

Best regards,
Christine Goregues

Greta Richards

Hi Adrian,
Thank you again for helping us with our engagement ring!! We love it and your service is fantastic!! It seems to be rare these days!
Thanks again!!

Best regards
Greta Richards

Testimonial 2

Hi Adrian

I just wanted to email you to say THANK YOU!!!!!! I absolutely love the ring, it is exactly what I have always dreamed of. Ryan and I appreciated your help every step of the way and we look forward to dealing with you again soon.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Testimonial 1

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to let you know that having worked in Jewellery before, I know that when you design a ring it doesn’t always come back looking the way you expected.

I guess it’s hard to draw a picture and expect to get a beautiful piece in return.

I have waited nervously for my ring for the past few weeks! not knowing what it was going to look like, if it would fit and wandering if I would like it.

Today when Brendon picked my ring up I was to scared to look at it in case it was not what I expected. When I look at the ring what I saw was the most stunning, beautiful and amazing piece of jewellery I have ever seen.

Not only was it exactly what I wanted but it also fit perfectly. The ring is absolutely gorgeous I cant believe you designed and had this ring perfectly handcrafted to the exact way I wanted it.

I was so caught up in the moment with my stunning ring that I didn’t even notice the tears that where rolling down my cheeks.

All in all Adrian you have done a great job and I am more that proud of this ring that I will wear for the rest of life.

Everyone I have shown has absolutely adored it and if this is the kind of work you put out I hope you and Cindy both make millions because you deserve it.

I cant wait to see what the wedder is going to look like, because when we are ready to have it made there is no way we would purchase it from anyone else but you.

I can not thank you enough.