Brisbane Wholesale Diamond Suppliers

Wholesale Diamond Suppliers

Diamond Jewellery Consultants are Brisbane based wholesale diamond suppliers, selling loose certified diamonds direct to the retail engagement ring market. All of our diamonds are sourced directly from the diamond polishing manufacturers and supplied directly to our clients at the wholesale diamond price.

Brisbane Diamond Merchants

If you are looking for the best priced diamonds in Brisbane make sure that you purchase a diamond supplied through a wholesale diamond merchant. Most retail stores and even jewellery manufacturers in Brisbane do not directly deal in the supply of diamonds and generally purchase their diamond through a Brisbane diamond merchant themselves. To save money and get the greatest options for the diamond in your engagement ring you should purchase directly through a diamond merchant.

Suppliers of Certified Diamonds Brisbane

When purchasing a diamond it is essential that it is supplied with an international diamond grading certificate. However diamond certification is not a completely straight forward assurance and there are still several issues with certification that need to be understood when making your purchase. Although certification can give you a lot of vital information it still requires an experts skills to select the best possible diamond of the correct quality. Buying a loose certified diamond supplied through a Brisbane diamond merchant means that you are enlisting the help of an industry expert to help select your diamond. By using a wholesale diamond supplier in Brisbane it means that if there is ever an issue with the diamond purchased you can be assured that you have a local representative to fix the problem. Purchasing a diamond directly yourself that is supplied by a business outside of your local area or even overseas means that if the diamond is not what you actually wanted or does not represent the diamond that you think you purchased then returning the diamond can be very difficult.