BHP Billiton’s 3Q Diamond Production -21%

BHP Billiton reported that its diamond production fell 21 percent year on year to 433,000 ‎carats during the three months that ended on March 31, 2012. The company explained that ‎the lower production was in line with expectations as operations at the Ekati mine are ‎constrained to extract lower grade material in the medium term. ‎

Ekati MineDuring the first nine months of the fiscal year, BHP Billiton’s diamond production declined ‎‎29 percent to 1.371 million carats. ‎

BHP Billiton owns 80 percent of the Ekati mine in Canada, which is its only diamond ‎asset. The company announced in November that it intends to divest from the diamond ‎business.

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