Belgium’s March Polished Diamond Exports +6%

Antwerp Beurs Voor DiamanthandelBelgium’s polished diamond exports rose 6 percent year on year to $1.379 billion in March ‎‎2012, data from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) showed. By volume, the ‎exports fell 33 percent to 652,916.33 carats while the average price of the goods ‎increased 57 percent to $2,112.73 per carat.‎

Polished imports to Belgium dropped 3 percent to $1.303 billion. The country’s net polished ‎exports, representing the excess of exports over imports, rose to a surplus of $76.04 million from a deficit of $34.98 million one year ago.‎

Rough imports grew 7 percent to $1.364 billion in March and rough exports increased 8 ‎percent to $1.461 billion. Net rough imports, indicating the excess of rough imports less ‎exports, declined by 26 percent to a deficit of $97.39 million.‎

Belgium’s March net diamond account, representing total exports of polished and rough ‎less total imports, grew more than four-fold to $173.43 million.‎

During the first quarter, Belgium’s polished exports rose 4 percent to $3.572 billion. Exports ‎to the U.S. increased 6 percent to $918.3 million and to Hong Kong they fell 5 percent ‎to $747.1 million. Exports to Switzerland surged 38 percent to $498 million. ‎

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