Beautiful Black Diamonds

Diamonds come in different shapes, cuts and colors. Although black diamonds are real diamonds, they do have some dissimilarities. Black diamonds absorb light, rather than refract it, and that is the reason why they are black and don’t have that typical sparkle regular diamonds have. They are also much more porous than other diamonds.

Black diamond ringBlack diamonds are also well known as “Carbonada”, because it’s a pure carbon crystal (polycrystalline diamond), so technically still a diamond. It’s mostly found in Brazil and in the Central African republic. There are different hypotheses on how they originate, some even on an interstellar space level, saying they originated in outer space or were formed when a meteor crashed on earth thousands of years ago.

As we wrote about earlier, black diamonds don’t have that natural sparkle other diamonds have, and that makes them for some people less attractive. But others find this to be the most interesting and beautiful thing about black diamonds. When set in a black diamond ring they contrast beautifully with the white golden mounting.

Because black diamonds are only found in deposits in Brazil and Central Afrika, they are still very rare. Because of that, and their unique characteristics, they have grown a lot in popularity recent years .

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