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Diamond Brokers Queensland

Welcome to Queensland Diamond Brokers, we are a direct to the public wholesale diamond merchant providing all qualities of certified diamonds. We specialize in selling high quality GIA and HRD loose certified diamonds and hard to source sets and shapes. We are based in Brisbane and provide all sizes and colors of diamonds to client throughout Australia. Queensland Diamond Brokers can also arrange for your diamond to be set into your jewelry design where required. We do not sell directly through a shopping cart as we prefer to have contact with our clients first before we make a sale to ensure the diamond that they have chosen is the best diamond for their situation.


Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Diamond Jewellery Consultants offer an extensive range of unique coloured diamonds which is updated regularly. Although we have a very large inventory often the diamond that you are looking for will not be in our list, if you are looking for a particular diamond please do not hesitate in contacting our office so that we can source your required diamond.



Exclusive Diamond Rings

Diamond Jewellery Consultants have dedicated this website to showcasing our collection of exclusive diamond rings and premium quality diamond jewellery. Uncovering the finest unique diamond jewellery designs that are hand crafted to perfection for each individual client’s requirements. Whether you are after a stunning diamond engagement ring or a spectacular diamond dress ring we can cater to any of your requirement with our complementary personalized consultation service. All of the diamond jewellery displayed on this site has the flexibility to use a large range of size and quality diamond options or just used the design as a basis for your own uniquely designed diamond ring. White diamond, fancy coloured diamond or exotic couloured gem we have access to an amazing vault of exclusive stones just waiting to be set into your fabulous new setting.



Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings by Diamond Jewellery Consultants, as specialty direct diamond importers we carry a large range of quality cut certified diamonds that are specifically selected for use in diamond earrings, diamond pendants and other diamond jewellery. Diamond Jewellery Consultants specialise in customised diamond earrings and pendants designed and created specifically for each individual client. All of our jewellery is hand manufactured for strength and durability and our diamonds are internationally certified for your peace of mind. We believe all diamond jewellery should look stunning and the best way to achieve this is to use diamonds of superior quality cut which is what creates the brilliance that a diamond should exhibit. When choosing your diamonds the colour and clarity of the diamonds used in earrings can be slightly lower than diamonds that would be used in a diamond ring. However, like our engagement rings we always like to leave the final selection with the client, assisting them to make a confident and informed decision.



Diamond Jewellery Specialist

Diamond jewellery consultants believe everyone should be able to afford a stunning diamond ring. Specialising in the highest quality Belgium diamonds we strive to find the perfect diamond to suit each of our clients individual desires and budget. Servicing the greater brisbane area as well as shiping diamonds around the country Diamond Jewellery Consultants strive to provide high end white diamonds that have a superior quality cut and are recognised by only the strictest international certification laboratories. By directly importing only the finest quality belgium diamonds we are commited to providing our clients with a premium product at affordable prices without lowering our standard of diamonds to that of many merchants who sell inferior diamonds at heavily discounted prices. Pink diamonds and the other fancy colours are now an extremely popular choice for clients looking for jewellery of prestige and distinction that will be totally unique. Diamond Jewellery Consultants have access to some of the rarest and most exquisite natural coloured diamonds and gems in Australia.



Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond jewellery Consultants offer a unique engagement ring service which we believe is the best practice for our clients to receive the best jewellery possible at the most competitive prices. We are a direct wholesale diamond merchant providing high quality certified loose diamond direct to retail clients. We also have a team of jewellery designers who will develop, model and manufacture your unique diamond engagement ring design. WIth lower operating cost we are able to offer exceptional prices on high quality products, through our Cleveland showroom we offer personalised one on one unbiased consultations to educate our client about diamond selection and assist with their jewellery requirements.