Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our website diamond-brisbane.com.au which is owned, developed and maintained by Diamond Jewellery Consultants. Purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery from this site or through one of our consultants are governed by the following terms and conditions. By purchasing one of our products you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.
Our Diamonds are all GIA and HRD certified to a “Very Good” or “Excellent” grade and we personally will never sell a diamond that does not meet our quality standards. By setting such a high standard on our diamonds we can guarantee that the diamond that you order will be the diamond that you expect to receive or better. Due to the fluctuating nature of the wholesale diamond industry all quotes provided will only be honoured for 24 hours.

For true surety every modern diamond over 0.50ct must be purchased with an internationally recognized diamond certificate to give you the confidence that the diamond that we sell you is the quality that we have stated. Only a small number of international certificates will give a true indication of a diamond’s quality and any retail in-house certificates or valuations cannot be relied upon for accurate comparison.

Our Diamond Jewellery is handmade to a very high standard using only the best materials and procedures so that your jewellery will look spectacular and last a life time. All of our rings are designed and manufactured exclusively for each individual client and all efforts are made to ensure our client understands the design before it is made. As each ring will differ due to the proportions of the diamonds and ring style sketches and diagrams are provided during the design process to help clients envision their design. The design and manufacture of a ring is a fluid process which means that the end result may slightly alter the final result. Consultation will be made with the client during this process to achieve the best final result. As we sell our jewellery a wholesale prices once the ring is complete we can make slight alterations to the design but any major changes will be an additional charge above the quoted price. All diamond jewellery work will be guaranteed against any manufacturing or metal faults and will be repaired free of charge for the first five years(postage and delivery may be charged). Coverage includes labor, any metal replacement and diamonds smaller than 0.15ct, it does not include damage from wear and tear or diamonds larger than 0.15ct. Accidental damage and large diamonds must be covered by the client or their insurance. If a clients design is deemed to be of a high risk design this will be advised before it is manufactured and will not have our full coverage.

Delivery of loose diamonds from the time that the deposit has been made can be expected to be made within 12 – 15 days. All diamond jewellery is hand manufactured to order and usual expected time frame for completion is between three and four weeks, depending on current workloads this may be slightly longer. If enough notice has been given and the ring is expected to be completed by a certain date we will do all in our powers to make sure your ring is complete by this time. If a new job is required urgently we can often speed up this process to get the job completed for the client but may incur and additional charge.

Return Policy

Diamond Jewellery Consultants/Queensland diamond brokers will endeavor to rectify any problems or disputes in a professional manner to develop an appropriate solution with our clients. Any diamond or jewellery sold that is not deemed to be what was ordered or stated in the certificate or valuation and can be justified incorrect can be returned and replaced with an appropriate alternative any cancelations of custom orders will incur a fee.

Deposit and Payment Terms

Once a diamond has been ordered a 25% deposit must be made before we go ahead with ordering the diamond or starting the jewellery manufacturing. Full payment must be made upon completion and acceptance of the design before the ring can be handed over. In some cases a 25-50% part payment may be required for large diamond once the client has viewed the diamond and certificate. Once we have started manufacturing work or ordered the clients diamond cost have been incurred to us and a 10% non-refund charge of the total cost of the ring or diamond will be appled for any cancellations.

GST is included in all of our quoted prices on diamonds and diamond jewellery at 10%. If ordering a loose diamond to be send directly to your nominated address from our overseas cutting factories we will exclude the GST from the quote and the client will be responsible for paying any GST or charges (not including insurance) that may be required upon arrival into Australia.

Images of diamond rings on this site are all of previous client’s diamond rings and have all been hand manufactured to order. The size and metal used in these rings can be altered in any way required to produce a new diamond ring. However design reproductions may not always look identical to the image displayed on the website due to the diamond proportions used and the individual nature of hand making jewellery.