Conflict Diamonds

The awareness and acknowledgement of conflict or “blood” diamonds has been greatly highlighted in the past decade after the horrendous problems faced in some of the diamond producing nations of Africa. Although the diamond industry has since placed very stringent laws and procedures on the sale, transfer and transport of rough diamonds to track and maintain an ethical trade practice this is an issue that must be continually monitored. Presently the industry has disposed of the problem and self-promotes the efforts of conflict free diamond trading on a global scale.

Diamonds are packaged and certifed through the “kimberly” process directly from the mine and no rough diamond can be sold without the statement of its origin and handling. The greatest problem associated with diamonds is that unlike other precious gems, diamonds have no physical properties that can be used to trace back to the country where the diamond may have been mined. Therefore once a diamond has been absorbed into the market there is no way to discover it’s origin.

In keeping with trade requirements and public demands Diamond Jewellery Consultants only source their diamonds from diamond polishing factories that are certified 100% conflict free.