About Us

Brisbane Diamonds and Engagement Ring Wholesale suppliers

Diamond Jewellery Consultants offer a unique wholesale diamond and engagement ring service to Brisbane which we believe is the best practice for our clients to receive the best quality diamond jewellery possible at the most competitive prices supplied in Brisbane. We are a direct wholesale merchant supplier of quality loose certified white diamonds direct to the public. We also have a team of jewellery designers and manufactures who will develop, model and create your unique diamond engagement design.

Why do Diamond Jewellery Consultants have competitive diamond prices

Without the need for a traditional retail jewellery store with high stock and staff expenses we are able to offer exceptionally competitive direct wholesale diamond prices on high quality products. Diamond Jewellery Consultants can offer better quality diamonds at cheaper prices than will ever be offered from a retail jewellery shop even when they are on sale. We still offer clients direct face to face consultations with one of our diamond experts in our Brisbane, Cleveland showroom where you can sit down for a private viewing of our stock diamonds and discuss your diamond jewellery requirements.

Why is buying a diamond from us better than a retail store?

When researching to buy a diamond engagement ring in stores or online most people will look for a ring design that they like in the size or price that they want. For most engagement rings the centre diamond will make up the majority of the cost of the ring which is where the first focus should be in the buying decision. When you purchase off the shelf of a retail jewellery store you often have very little choice in the quality of diamond they offer just a nice design and a few sizes to choose from in that ring design. By purchasing from a retail store the choice of diamond used in your ring design is made by the store, letting them decide on the most expensive and versatile part of your engagement ring. Loosing the choice of diamond that is in your ring means that you may not get the best value out of your ring, resulting in buying a diamond that could be too low or too high in quality to what you would actually prefer. By proactively selecting the correct diamonds first you will pay exactly the right price for the design ring that you require.

The danger of buying a diamond through an online shopping cart

Although Diamond Jewellery Consultants and primarily an online diamond supplier we do not sell or diamonds through an online shopping cart. Buying a diamond is a very important decision which requires expert help to ensure that you buy the correct diamond for your requirements. We offer in store, phone and email consultations with our clients to confirm that the right decision has been made before any diamond is purchased. Although a lot of research can be done on diamonds to help with your decision there are still certain dangers that can appear with some diamonds that an untrained eye may not recognize even with a quality certificate. Selecting a diamond through a shopping cart will not allow these dangers to be picked up until it is too late which is why checking with an expert first before making the commitment is highly recommended.