Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are a rectangular step-cut diamond of approximately 50 facets. They are a very open faced diamonds with large panel type facets creating a distinctive refractive “flash” of colour and only have very minimal sparkle. Due to their open nature emerald cut diamonds need to be of a high colour and exceptional clarity to not show any flaws . They are often consider to be a more mature and sophisticated style of design, requiring a white metal setting and work best as either a large solitaire or three stone combination. Emerald cuts are a classic style and require exact proportions with a ratio requirement of between 1:1.35 and 1:1.7 to be considered perfect. Some emerald cut diamonds are cut outside of this ratio and although they will still be cut well have lost the classic appearance. Dramatically disproportioned emerald cut diamonds can have a specific appeal, such as overly elongated diamonds and perfectly square cut which are called asscher cut diamonds. Other modern style versions of the emerald cut diamond are the crosscut cut, tycoon cut and prince cut.