$2.5 Million Pink Diamond Makes Canada Debut

One of the largest pink diamonds in the world has been unveiled publicly in Canada for the first time at Edmonton, Alberta location of Birks Jewelers. The rare polished diamond, which is owned by an anonymous private collector, is estimated to be worth approximately $2.5 million.

diamondThe bubble-gum-hued stone is but one of 45 precious gems and pieces of jewelry that are part of a group touring across Canada, tempting potential buyers. Birks spokesperson Eva Hartling said the store is accommodating interested parties with private showings. The pink diamond will be on display until Tuesday.

Hartling says that the pink diamond’s uniqueness lies both in its color – its very specific purple-pink hues – and in its size, now measured at 10 carats, cut from an original 21-carat South African stone. Its origin is also different from most pink diamonds, which are mostly mined in Australia.

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