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Searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring, want a high quality diamond ring at an affordable price?

Established in 2002, Diamond Jewellery Consultants is a Brisbane based online diamond importer specializing in high quality certified white and coloured diamonds, locally manufactured hand made designer engagement rings and exclusive diamond jewellery.

We are direct merchants of GIA certified Triple Excellent Hearts and Arrows diamonds for sale at very competitive wholesale prices. Expertly crafted unique 18ct gold and platinum engagement rings designed and manufactured to your specifications in our Brisbane workshop. Browse through our online diamond stock list and education pages, contact us for a personalised appointment at our showroom in Raby Bay Harbour, Cleveland or let one of our consultants come to you.

A diamond engagement ring is often the first and most significant diamond purchase a couple will make together. The giving of a diamond ring is an everlasting symbol that will reflect the love and commitment of a couple’s relationship. Diamond Jewellery Consultants strive to make buying your diamond engagement ring an enjoyable, educational and satisfying experience.

Certified Loose Diamonds Online

Diamond Jewellery Consultants are specialist diamond importers selling loose certified diamonds for sale online and from our Cleveland diamond jewellery studio direct to the public at wholesale prices. Diamond certification is now very common for almost all quality diamonds and a diamond should not be purchased without certification if it has a weight above 0.50ct. Certification is an essential part of buying a diamond as it verifies without a doubt the colour and clarity of a diamond and most importantly grades the quality of the diamond’s cut which determines the diamond’s brilliance and can make up to 50% difference in the price. It is also very important to understand the difference in grading standard between the different international diamond grading laboratories before purchasing. Many jewellery stores still sell uncertified diamonds therfore buying direct certified diamonds at wholesale price will ensure that you will get a better quality diamond that is guaranteed.

Why Choose Diamond Jewellery Consultants

At Diamond Jewellery Consultants we have identified that there are many problems associated with buying a diamond ring from a traditional jewellery store and we have created a much more viable solution. Most people still do not want to directly buy diamonds online but want to avoid paying the high retail prices. We provide diamonds for sale at competitive wholesale online prices while still maintaining the security of a retail showroom location for clients to visit. Choosing a diamond is a very personal decision and there are no right or wrong answers when selecting a diamond as long as you understand all of your options before you make your decision. Buying a diamond from us will mean that you an make an informed decision to get the biggest and best diamond for you money that will match your quality requirements.

There are several problems when buying a diamond ring from a retail jewellery store, the major issue is that you will often make your selection by the design of the ring and having to accept the diamond that comes with the ring. In most cases the largest cost of an engagement ring will be the diamond which means it should be chosen first and selecting the right diamond will save you money and get you exactly what you want for your budget. Retail store will often be very limited in the quality selection that they provide and each store will have their own opinion about what is the best diamond quality. Stores profit from selling their own stock and will naturally suggest that the diamonds that they have in stock are the best selection. By making the right diamond selection with the help of an independent diamond grading expert who can understand your requirement you can be assured that you will never make the wrong decision.

We believe an engagement ring should be selected from the diamond first and then the ring designed around those selected diamonds. To keep our costs competitive rather than having a store full of diamonds to sell we hold a carefully chosen collection of diamonds to help clients with the selection of their diamond. Once we have determined to correct diamond grading we then directly source the exact diamond required for our diamond cutting manufacturers. Then the diamond is sent to our Brisbane jewellery workshop where the ring will be hand crafted to make your own unique diamond engagement ring.